2022 DE NAHRO Annual Business Meeting Information

The following Slate of Officers was presented by the Nominating Committee for Board Member positions at the May 2022 Annual Business Meeting and were approved as presented:

VP Housing & CD          Devon Manning, Delaware State Housing Authority

VP Mem/Prof Dev           Denise MacLeish, Retired, USDA Rural Development

At Large Members 2024  Class

Danielle Darring, Ajpc Management, LLC

Mimi Rayl, University of Delaware

**All positions are for 2 year terms except for Vice President of Housing & Community Development and Vice President of Membership & Professional Development which are both for 1 year terms.


DE NAHRO Accomplishments

January 2021 through December 2021

Trainings/Educational Forums

  • Understanding the Fair Housing Act
    • Training held on March 3, 2021
    • AJ Johnson – instructor
    • PolyTech Adult Education Center in Woodside
    • 233 attendees
    • Two Sessions – am for Managers & pm for Maintenance Staff
    • Training was held virtually
  • Impediments to Fair Housing Choice in Delaware: A Community Conversation Webinar

                        *   May 21st – Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice         (AI): An Overview

                        *   June 1st  – Impact of the AI on Housing at the Local Level

                        *   June 11th –  Upcoming Federal and State Legislation                                                      affecting the Housing Sector

                        *   This 3 session webinar discussed the State of Delaware’s                                         comprehensive analysis of impediments to Fair Housing                                           Choice in Delaware.  The three session included                                                       presentations from expert practitioners on an overview of                                         the State’s report on the Analysis of Impediments(AI) to                                             Fair Housing choice, as well as its impact on local                                                     communities, and how upcoming Federal and State                                                   Legislation will impact the Housing Sector.

                        *   Over 76 attendees participated in the 3 sessions


  • 34 Individual members and 18 Agency members
  • DE NAHRO Board members have volunteered to be part of the following DE NAHRO Committees
    • MARC NAHRO Board – Carrie Casey
    • Lottie Lee Memorial Scholarship Committee – Andrea Wozny, Brandy Nauman, Pam Ferguson
    • Annual Meeting Committee –Mike Fortner, Devon Manning, Tracey Harvey, Mimi Rayl, Carrie Casey,
    • Poster Contest Subcommittee – Brandy Nauman, Tracey Harvey, Devon Manning and Pam Ferguson.
    • Professional Development – Devon Manning, Pam Ferguson, Denise McLeish & Danielle Darring
    • Policy Subcommittee – Tracey Harvey, Sean Kelly and Maggie Cook Pleasant
    • Membership Committee – Denise McLeish, Rufus Mincey, Matthew Alexander
  • Carrie Casey as DE NAHRO President is an active member of all committees.

Strategic Planning

In 2021 the following thrusts, identified in a Strategic Planning Meeting in 2017, continue to be addressed.

  • Strengthen and enhance training and professional development opportunities for our members.
  • Increase our advocacy efforts and activities for our mission and our members.
  • Create strong membership development strategies that include:
    • Recruiting, retaining and reclaiming members
    • Networking
    • Mentoring program
  • Continue to embrace and proclaim diversity and inclusion by design.
  • Foster and support a relationship-rich organization

Fiscal Support

  • In 2010, DE NAHRO created a Scholarship Fund Program for graduating high school students residing in subsidized housing in Delaware. An initial amount of $10,000 was set aside so that annually a $1,000 scholarship could be awarded to a student furthering their education at a 2 or 4 year college.  In 2012 and 2013 the Scholarship Committee made two significant changes to the program:  1) Scholarship Recipients can re-apply for subsequent funds of $1,000 each year for another 3 years making it a total of 4 years of funds available to continue their secondary education; 2) DE NAHRO will set aside 20% of the net receipts each year for the Scholarship Program.

         >In 2021 DE NAHRO renamed the Scholarship Program to the “Lottie   Lee Memorial Scholarship Program.”  This was done in honor of Lottie       Lee’s commitment and support she gave to the low income community.           $205 was donated to the scholarship fund in memory of Lottie Lee.

  • DE NAHRO was a member and supported the Non-Profit Housing Agenda efforts to advocate and educate legislators on low & moderate income housing & community development issues.


  • Notes from DE NAHRO have been published over 12 times informing membership about: upcoming DE NAHRO or National NAHRO trainings; job postings available for members and their tenants/clients; and changes to federal policies/programs.
  • In 2021 six children residing in affordable husing in grades 1st through 12th grade made a submission. DE NAHRO awarded the first place winners a prize of $100 gift card & a blue ribbon and the second place winners a prize of $50 gift card & a red ribbon in each age category.
  Elementary School Age Winners
                          1st Place –  Jayden & Shamar Daniels, Wilmington
                          2nd Place –  Roemello Stanford, New Castle County 
Middle School Age Winners                  
                           1st Place –  Cameron Miller, Selbyville               
                            2nd Place –  TaBreia Johnson Briscoe, Wilmington

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