Message from President

Dear Colleague,

As a professional in housing, community development or housing services I invite you to become a member of the Delaware Chapter of the National Association of Housing & Redevelopment Officials (DE NAHRO).

Affordable housing and community development encompasses much more than just the bricks and mortar of the past.  Today we need to embrace a more complete picture when planning and developing affordable communities. 

DE NAHRO has identified five key strategies that will be focused on going forward as a professional organization.       

                    1.  Strengthen and enhance training and professional development opportunities for our members.       

                     2.  Increase advocacy efforts and activities for our mission and our members       

                     3.  Create strong membership development strategies including networking & mentoring programs       

                     4.  Continue to embrace and proclaim diversity and inclusion by design

                     5.  Foster and support a relationship-rich organization

Our membership is affordable and your voice will be an important one.  Come join with us today.


Carrie Casey

President, DE NAHRO